SpectroSERVER Crash in NwaplIHIfConfig Code


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CA Spectrum


After upgrading to Spectrum 10.3.1, you may experience a SpectroSERVER crash that generates a <SPECROOT>/SS/core.<PID> file that produces the following stack:

#0  0x00007faf16f7ed7e in NwaplIHIfConfig::readNsIfTable (this=0x7faee64a5dc0, mh=..., ifTable=0x7faeafbaa418) at NwaplIHIfConfig.cc:165
#1  0x00007faf38769a38 in CsIHIfConfig::finish_if_change (this=0x7faee64a5dc0, mh=...) at CsIHIfCnfg1.cc:1355
#2  0x00007faf38776d60 in CsIHIfConfig::interface_change (this=0x7faee64a5dc0, mh=..., event_code=CsIHIfConfig::IF_COUNT_CHANGE, first_time=0, force_ip_addr_read=<value optimized out>) at CsIHIfCnfg1.cc:1196
#3  0x00007faf3875b8a5 in CsIHIfConfig::trig_watch_change (this=0x7faee64a5dc0, mh=..., other_mh=..., change=<value optimized out>) at CsIHIfCnfg.cc:1658
#4  0x00007faf3a69d13c in CsIHMdlAttrWatcher::notify (this=0x7fae8aa307a8, info=0x7faea43d1e70, user_security=<value optimized out>) at CsIHMAWatch.cc:229
#5  0x00007faf3a6f6ecd in CsModel::react_to_change (this=0x7faee612aaf8, changes=...) at CsModel2.cc:864
#6  0x00007faf3a700d27 in CsModel::process_changes (this=0x7faee612aaf8) at CsModel4.cc:629
#7  0x00007faf3a734847 in CsNotificationMgr::process_queued_work (this=0x7faf2dc3b800, work_node=<value optimized out>) at CsNotifMgr.cc:342
#8  0x00007faf35952452 in CsWorkQueue::process_work_node (this=<value optimized out>, work_node=0x7fae8aa30738) at CsWorkQueue.cc:214
#9  0x00007faf35951b33 in CsWorkScheduler::do_work () at CsWorkSched.cc:414
#10 0x00007faf3a399161 in moot_thread_start (thread_id=<value optimized out>) at NewUnixCtxt.cc:65
#11 0x00007faf2ec0bd40 in ?? ()
#12 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()


This is a known issue within the NwaplIHIfConfig code.


Spectrum 10.3.1 


Sustaining Engineering has built the Spectrum_10.03.01.D48 patch for 10.3.1 and patch Spectrum_10.03.02.D98 for 10.3.2 to resolve the issue. 

This is resolved in Spectrum release 10.4 and above.

Please contact Spectrum Product Support to receive a copy of this patch.