Multiple Probes failing on Primary hub after upgrading over to 9.02


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The following probes are failing on primary hub after upgraded to 9.02 mon_config_manager udm_manager trellis ace discovery_server ems wasp nis_server sla_engine maintenance_mode On primary failover HA hub, wasp is failingĀ 


The certificate.pem file is missing on the secondary hub, UMP and CABI servers


UIM 9.02


copy the certificate.pem file from the Nimsoft\security folder on the primary hub into the Nimsoft\security folder on the secondary hub, UMP and CABI probe server.

Add the following entry into the Nimsoft\robot\robot.cfg file on each of this servers:

cryptkey = <diskdrive>:\Nimsoft\security\certificate.pem

substitute the above string with the correct full path and filename of your certificate.pem file

restart the robot.

The certificate.pem file is needed on all robots that have java probes that need access to the data_engine ( database server )