Object List Page slow after adding a Calculated Attribute
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Object List Page slow after adding a Calculated Attribute


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The performance of the list page is slow as soon as soon as you add a calculated attribute on the object list page (example Task List Page) 

  1. Login to Clarity
  2. Navigate to Administration Object --> Task
  3. Create a calculated attribute (Data Type : Aggregated - Number , Expression: AGG_Sum(assignment.prpendactsum)  )
  4. Navigate to Home --> Projects and place the newly created calculated attribute on Task list page
Expected Results: With calculated attribute in the Task list page the performance should be better than what we are getting now

Actual Results: With the calculated attribute the performance of list page on a large dataset for about 2000 records goes from 5 seconds to 1 minute 


CA PPM 15.x with Oracle as Database


When a calculated attribute if added to the object list page, oracle is unable to use indexes and hence the performance degrade. If you take the calculated attribute out of  list page the performance is much better. This is a defect DE46774 and resolved in 15.6.1 


You can upgrade to 15.6.1 once available and in the meanwhile you can remove the calculated attribute from the list page to get better performance

Additional Information

Note: You may also look at the KB on How to Configure AVP Settings to Improve Performance