CA View - The Population of the XCODE Value
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CA View - The Population of the XCODE Value


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The client's end-user found that a report being reviewed receives "0001" in the XCODE field of the Sysout Selection List.  They want to know as to how this field is populated.


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The Sysout Selection List XCODE is field is populated with a non-zero exception condition that occurred in the job that created a report collected by View. 

In the SARSTC task is an optional exception code table, found in //SARXCTAB DD ....

The contents of the table defines as to how exception code processing is handled.

If there is no //SARXCTAB DD defined, the default used for exception condition processing is "/ * LAST". 

"/* LAST" means that the XCODE field would reflect the last non-zero condition occurring in the job generating the report. 

Many clients have found a setting of "/* HIGH" to be useful, as it would show the highest non-zero condition encountered in the job. 

If there are instances where the presentation of an exception code is conditional, that would be placed in the SARXCTAB table as well.