Resolving a RC 68(001) in CA Datacom jobs


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When running jobs to access data in a CA Datacom MUF, if the job cannot connect to the MUF, a RC 68 will be produced. This article explains some of the possible reasons.


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Here is the description of the RC 68 (001) from the CA Datacom DB Messages documentation:
You could have received this return code if a program requiring MUF services is being initialized but the MUF is either not up, is in the process of terminating, is not available, or cannot be communicated with. If the application is using the Multi-Guest Sharing option, the Inter-User Communication Vehicle (IUCV) paths to the MUF probably cannot be started. If you are using CAICCI or XCF, the connection to the Multi-User Facility may have failed.

You could also have received this return code if you have implemented external security and are attempting to execute a DBUTLTY function that needs to communicate through the MUF to determine, from the security package, whether the client is authorized to execute the action. The needed communication cannot occur, however, because the MUF is not up.

When this error is received, here are some suggestions:
  • Ensure that the MUF is up and running, and is not in the process of shutting down. Once the shutdown process has started, the MUF will not accept new connections and issues a message: DB00247I - EOJ REQUESTED, NO NEW CONNECTIONS, EOJOFF AVAILABLE
  • Be sure that the job is running on the same LPAR as the MUF, if the MUF is in LOCAL-only mode
  • If the MUF supports XCF processing, be sure that the Program Call modules have been loaded using CAIRIM on each LPAR where jobs will run to access the MUF.
  • If running a DBUTLTY job against a MUF that is externally secured with IBM RACF, CA TSS or CA ACF2, ensure that the MUF is up and running for those DBUTLTY functions that need the MUF up.
In general, with a RC 68(001), be sure that the MUF is up and running and that you have all the proper pieces in place to allow communication to the MUF.

Additional Information

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.