SNMP Collector probe is stuck in pending stage


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


I have a problem where the SNMPcollector probe is down.
Tried to deactivate and activate it, but its getting stuck in pending stage.
How can I correct this?.



UIM 9.02 and earlier
snmpcollector 3.44 and earlier
robot 7.97 and earlier
hub 7.97 and earlier


Please check the following
1) you are running robot and hub 7.80 or newer on the SNMPcollector machine.
2) you are installing it on a HUB, not just a robot.
3) If this is a Linux/Unix machine that the first entry in the /etc/hosts file is the entry for this machine with the hostname and FQDN setup.
4) you have deployed java 1.8X from the archive to the robot.
5) try doing a clean install of the robot by deactivating the probe and renaming the directory before deploying again.
6) if on windows make sure antivirus is not scanning the Nimsoft directory.