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CA Easytrieve z/OS and hardware compatibility question


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


Why are products like the CA Easytrieve Toolkit, Easytrieve Online, ESP, PanSQL, PanAudit etc. not listed on the "IBM zEnterprise Compatibility Matrix" and "z/OS Compatibility Matrix" pages?


Component: EZTOOL


The CA Easytrieve Toolkit and some other products belong to the "CA Easytrieve family".
If you find "CA Easytrieve" in the compatibility tables, like the "IBM zEnterprise Compatibility Matrix" and the "z/OS Compatibility Matrix":
all products of the Easytrieve family are compatible as well - but of course only if applicable. That means if they are running on z/OS and IBM hardware and if they are not in EOS or EOL state.

The products of the Easytrieve family are listed on this page:

Here is a list of all products not in EOS or EOL status currently (April 2019):
CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator for Z/OS and OS/390 - 11.6 / 11.5 / 6.4
CA Easytrieve Simplified Design System (Windows)        - 1.0
CA Easytrieve for Unix                                  - 11.0
CA Easytrieve for Windows                               - 11.1 / 11.0
CA Easytrieve Report Generator for Linux PC             - 11.6
CA Easytrieve Online for OS/390                         - 1.4
CA Easytrieve Online for VSE                            - 1.4
CA Easytrieve Online for VM                             - 1.4
CA Easytrieve for Linux on System z                     - 11.0
CA Easytrieve Plus for VSE                              - 6.3
CA Easytrieve Plus Toolkit                              - 2.0
Easytrieve/IQ                                           - 3.1
EZ/Key                                                  - 3.2C
EZ/ESP                                                  - 1.2
Pan/SQL                                                 - 2.5 (Oracle) / 2.4 / 2.3 (EZIQ only)
Panaudit Plus                                           - 3.0

All the z/OS versions are compatible with z14, for example.