Problem disactivate CRL checking
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Problem disactivate CRL checking


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


We unchecked the CRL control check box in each certificate mapping
under Infrastructure>directory> certificate mapping

Under Infrastructure> X509 certifictae management> OSCP configuration:
there's no OCSP configured. We did an authentication test but it
failed. In log file it look like policy server try to use CRL and OCSP
and we don't understand why. 

How can we fully disable CRL and OCSP from the Policy Server ?


Release: MSPSSO99000-12.8-Single Sign-On-for Business Users-MSP


First make sure that all CertMap have the option 3 set to 0, which
mean "CRL Check" disabled :

- On the Policy Server, open a command line windowm, and start

- XPSExplorer, navigate to CertMap objects (115) or look for the exact
  number in tool;

- List the certmaps : S

- Select the certmap to edit by selecting number

   Enter Option (#, +, -, B, X, Y, M, Q): 1

- Get a writable copy by selecting W

   Enter Option (MJLRPWDAX+Q): w

- Select the option # (for which we want change the value of the

  03:*Flags                           = 8(0x8):   for CRL Check   

  we need to change this value to 0 to disable the CRL Check.

- Validate the Record

  Enter Option (# or MJLRPBVUDAX+Q): V

- Update the Record

  Enter Option (# or MJLRPBVUDAX+Q): U 
  Enter Option (# or MJLRPBVUDAX+Q): Q
  Enter Option (# or MJLRPBVUDAX+Q): Q  
  Enter Option (#,F,B,X,P, or Q):  P

- On each Policy Server :

  - Go the Policy_Server_home/config folder;
  - Rename SMocsp.conf to SMocsp.conf.orig;
  - Restart the Policy Server;