Error when migrating from Portal to 4.3.1
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Error when migrating from Portal to 4.3.1


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When following the online manual of Portal 4.3.1 to migrate the Portal 4.2.x Jarvis data to the external Jarvis used for Portal 4.3.1 and using the command:
# java -jar migration-tools.jar --source http://<Portal FQDN>.com:8080 --target http://<External Jarvis FQDN>:8080 --product ca_apim --pagesize=5000
ProcessID- [19140] INFO Main:75 - Starting Tool in Migration Mode.
ProcessID- [19140] INFO Main:103 - 'from' is not given. Assuming migration from beginning.
ProcessID- [19140] INFO Main:109 - 'to' is not given. Assuming migration until current time.
ProcessID- [19140] INFO Main:127 - Source Jarvis API URL: http://<Portal FQDN>.com:8080
ProcessID- [19140] INFO Main:128 - Target Jarvis API URL: http://<External Jarvis FQDN>:8080
ProcessID- [19140] INFO Main:129 - Product ID: ca_apim
ProcessID- [19140] ERROR Main:144 - Error occurred during Migration: Error reading product metadata for ca_apim on Source Env http://<Portal FQDN>:8080. Got response null

And Migration fails.


Portal 4.2.x getting ready to migrate to external Jarvis Server using the migration-util command.


The sample in the online manual refers to default product name (which is also the default portal tenant ID if not changed).

The default is 'ca_apim'.

But customers who have started with a Portal version below or manually updated the PORTAL_TENANT_ID to be different than 'apim' would fail if use the 'ca_apim' as the product in the migration command.


Check your portal.conf for the value of 'PORTAL_TENANT_ID' and use this value preceding with 'ca_' for the migration command.

Also, check the product_id by running the below on the Portal:

curl http://<Portal FQDN>:8080/onboarding/products