i18n_token is deleted when you modify alarm message
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i18n_token is deleted when you modify alarm message


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The value of "i18n_token" is deleted when modifying alarm message through Message Pool Manager.


Any probe


This is a design.

If "Activate support for internationalization" is turned on in nas probe,
UMP uses "i18n_token" to translate alarm message.

This is translation resource file that UMP uses.

<Nimsoft>\probes\service\wasp\i18n\Nimsoft_<locale ID>.properties

If you modify original alarm message in probe side, UMP do not know the change.
To prevent inconsistency from happening, probe will remove "i18n_token" for alarm message that have been modified.


No resolution for this behavior.

Additional Information

Not all monitoring probes have "i18n_token" for alarm message. (for example, logmon alarm does not have "i18n_token")
For alarm message which does not have "i18n_token", UMP uses original alarm message for display.