Connections not displayed on Topology
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Connections not displayed on Topology


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CA Spectrum


Why in Topology view for some devices there is no the link connection with a SharedMediaLink model, connection that is properly displayed in the Component Detail -> Neighborns ?

<Please see attached file for image>


<Please see attached file for image>



Component: SPCOCK


The problem here is that the link is not displayed in the topology view due to a missing "Is_Adjacent_to" relation association with the VPN SharedMediaLink model handle.. 

In the above example the Topology shows that the device EWS1541994 is only connected with the device EWS1541995 
But the Neighbors of EWS1541994 shows It connected also to VPN_SS0 (IP device) and to VPN_Shared_SS0 (SharedMediaLink) 

If via CLI you list the associations of that model you will see: 

./show associations mh=0x1f8138 
0x1337c1 EWS1541995_Gi8 Connects_to 0x1f8138 EWS1541994 
0x14342d VPN_SS0 Connects_to 0x1f8138 EWS1541994 
0x1489b2 VPN_Shared_SS0 Connects_to 0x1f8138 EWS1541994 
0x133792 EWS1541995 Is_Adjacent_to 0x1f8138 EWS1541994 
0x1f8138 EWS1541994 Is_Adjacent_to 0x133792 EWS1541995 

So the EWS1541994 is connected to VPN_Shared_SS0, to VPN_SS0 and to port EWS1541995_Gi8 of device EWS1541995 

The Topology shows only the connection EWS1541995 and EWS1541994 because there is only one relation of "Is_Adjacent_to" between them. 

In Topology to have the device EWS1541994 also connected to VPN_SS0 and to VPN_Shared_SS0 you will need to create 
new associations as follows: 

./create association rel=Is_Adjacent_to lmh=0x1f8138 rmh=0x14342d (model handle of VPN_SS0) 
./create association rel=Is_Adjacent_to lmh=0x1f8138 rmh=0x1489b2 (model handle of VPN_Shared_SS0) 


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