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Clarifications regarding which UMP configuration settings are retained after UMP server upgrade


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Which UMP configuration settings are retained after UMP server upgrade?


Component: UIMUMP


This KB Article:

It was created by L2 Support as a potential workaround in environments where it is advantageous to to set up a clustered/multi-node UMP installation without using multicast. 

This is neither officially tested or supported in UIM nor is it officially documented. It was created to help a customer to get it working within their specific environment. In general, any/all custom changes made to the Liferay file will NOT be retained. Liferay is the underlying platform for the UMP portal.

That said, if you find a situation where upon upgrade, after you deploy one or more UIM packages to the UMP robot(s), it then overwrites a given setting within UIM/UMP, e.g., wasp.cfg,that doesn't apply to this workaround, you can open a case with Support.