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Particpant on Project verus Participant System Group on Project gives different permission


Article ID: 130564


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When accessing Action Items via Collaboration tab in the project user is getting an error "CAL-06038: You do not have necessary rights to view this action item." when part of the Participant group, but able to access an Action Item when Participant.



1. Navigate to Home->Projects
2. Open any project and create an Action Item under Collaboration->Action Items and assign to Admin
3. Create new user with access to that project or you use can an existing user and add them to group (you can create a group or use an existing one).
4. Go to the same project you create an AI and navigate to Team and add group that user belongs to as Participant group.
5. Login as that user and go to the same project and try to click on Action Item under Collaboration tab of the project. User gets error "CAL-06038: You do not have necessary rights to view this action item."
6. Remove Participant group and instead add this user as an individual Participant to the project
7. Login as this user and attempt to click on Action Item, you are able to open Action Item without any errors.

Expected Results: Whether you are an individual participant or Participant Group behavior should be the same.

Actual Results: you get an error when accessing AI if added to project as participant group.


Component: GROUPS


Defect DE48502, Fixed in 15.6.1