Timesheet Detail Report shows Incorrect Totals when using Timesheet Notes with Date
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Timesheet Detail Report shows Incorrect Totals when using Timesheet Notes with Date


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After comparing the results of a query against the time entry fact table in the data warehouse with the Timesheet Detail report in Advanced Reporting, it looks like the Timesheet Detail report has incorrect timesheet hours in some instances.

If there are timesheet notes (by day) the hours are multiplied by the number of notes/days on the line item. In this scenario, the same Note Category and Note are on two different days.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Navigate to Clarity PPM Classic UI
2. Enable Timesheet Notes
3. Enable Note Dates
4. Create a timesheet add 1 task.
Add 7 hours to Monday and 7 hours to Tuesday
Add 2 notes on the same Task (not timesheet level) using same Note Category and same Note. Use the same Monday and Tuesday dates for the notes.
Example: Category = note and Note Text = note1
5. Approve and Post Timesheet
6. Run Load Data Warehouse job (DWH) in full mode
7. Run Timesheet Detail Report
(Select the specific OBS information for the resource and select the correct timesheet period). 

Expected Results: Report shows 7 hours on Monday and 7 hours on Tuesday
Actual Results: Report shows 14 hours on Monday and 14 hours on Tuesday


Release: CODCVU9900-14.3-PPM SAAS-View Only Userpack for-Canadian Government Entities


This is caused by DE32782



This issue is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.3 and higher.

Note: If a custom copy of the report was created, the report will have to be manually updated post upgrade as this will not automatically get updated with the fix.