Custom Time-Varying Attribute does not Spread Monthly Amounts Evenly


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Custom time-varying attribute don't distribute the value equally per month in a given period. 

Steps to reproduce: 
1.)    Create a calendared time-varying attribute and add it an object properties page. 
2.)    For the attribute: 

a.    Enter Start as “1/1/2019” and Finish as “12/31/2019”
b.    Enter a Value of “12000”

3.)    Save and Return to the List view. Ensure that the time-varying attribute is added on the List view with a monthly timescale. 

Expected Result: The Value per month should show up as 1000. 
Actual Result: The value per month varies as per the number of days of the month such as 31 days have most amount and 28 days have less amount. 




Component: ODTMM


This behavior is working as designed as custom time-varying attributes distribute the total amount evenly per day. Since some months have different number of days than others this is the reason for the uneven monthly distribution. Months like January and March with 31 days would have the greatest amount, while February with 28 days would have the lowest.  

Additional Information

Similar behavior can been seen on custom Time Varying attributes where the hours are entered by week.  When the TSV is changed to daily, the hours will be spread evenly over 7 days, not 5 days or as noted as work days on the resource's calendar.