No memory for Cisco APIC models in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


After modeling Cisco APIC devices in Spectrum, the Memory in the Thresholds subview of the model shows "None" for the Source. The performance tab shows "Invalid Value" for Memory.


Out of the box, Spectrum uses the information in the associated Cisco_Mem_App model to collect and display the memory information from the Cisco APIC device. However, the Ciscp APIC device does not support the required Cisco Memory mibs so the Cisco_Mem_App model is not created.


Any version of Spectrum running on any supported operating system


The Cisco_Proc_App model associated with the Cisco APIC model does contain memory attributes that can be used for memory. 

Using the directions outlined in knowledge document KB000048408, set the following attribute on the Cisco APIC model to the associated values:

NRM_MemoryModelTypeToRead - 0x21006e  (This is the model type handle of the Cisco_Proc_App model)
NRM_MemoryFreeAttr - 0x212b42   (This is the cpmCPUMemoryFree attribute on the associated Cisco_Proc_App model)
NRM_MemoryUsedAttr - 0x212b41  (This is the cpmCPUMemoryUsed attribute on the associated Cisco_Proc_App model)
NRM_MemoryUtilAttr - 0x0 
NRM_MemoryUtilNameAttr - 0x0 
NRM_MemoryTotalAttr - 0x0 

After setting the values for the above attributes, right mouse click on the device model and select Reconfiguration -> Reconfigure Model from the menu. 

Additional Information

Please reference the "How CA Spectrum Calculates CPU and Memory Utilization" section of the documentation for more information.