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How to use CA SDM Maileater to set an integer field to zero, not NULL?


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How to use CA SDM Maileater to set a value of an integer attribute to zero ("0")?

It appears to ignore the input and leave the attribute as "NULL". 

Want to enter a value of "0" and not "NULL" or a blank entry.

Change Order Example:


Should set the Affected Cost field on the Change Order to a value of "0" instead of "NULL."


CA Service Desk Manager, any version.


Use double-quotes with nothing between them to get a "0" value.

For example:

This will produce a value of "0" in the database and in the CA SDM web client.


This gives a value in the database (and on screen) for the actual_cost field of "0"

%SUMMARY=Test 10. Has empty double-quotes. 
%DESCRIPTION=Actual cost. Test 10 Using empty quotes. 

This gives a value of "NULL." 

%SUMMARY=Test 09. Has a figure of 0. 
%DESCRIPTION=Actual cost. Test 10. Has literally 0.