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When creating multiple new Forms in Service Catalog for a single Service Offering, "Required" fields are not mandatory when doing data entry.

Steps to reproduce scenario.

1. Create one Service Offering.
2. Create two new Forms and place them against this same Service Offering.
Important: Leave the "_id" the same for both Forms.
3. Create a single Option Group and use.
4. Save everything, and then create a Request for this Service Offering. Enter no data in the first Required field, but do enter data in the second required field.
5. Save and observe that it is permissible to skip the first Required field.


All versions of Service Catalog.
First noted in ITSM 17.1 and above.


When a new Form is created, by default it will get the same "_id" field on the form, in particular if it is copied.

You must rename the Form’s “_id” field to be something different. Otherwise there are two Forms with the same _id, and this causes an issue with mandatory field checks.

In the following example, the same Service Offering has two forms, one called "Form1" and one called "form2."
They both have the same "_id" field of "form1".

At least one of these "_id" names should be changed.

Even better, would be to give the forms meaningful, unique names, so that they may be readily identified by their id alone.

The above is expected behaviour. The forms cannot be checked in their creation stage for uniqueness when being added to the same new Service Offering - which is the only time that this issue can occur. If the same attempt was made with Forms against different Service Offerings, then this could be detected, as the values are saved by that point. Note that a Form is allowed to be used against multiple Service Offerings.

Additional Information

Documentation on this requirement is here: