Replacing a Role Allocated at over 100% with a Resource causes some ETC/Allocation to stay with role
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Replacing a Role Allocated at over 100% with a Resource causes some ETC/Allocation to stay with role


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • When replacing a role overallocated (over 100%) with a resource in Classic PPM, why is there remaining ETC's and allocation on the role?
  • It appears there is a split of the ETC with a smaller amount left with the role, and most of the ETC with the resource.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: PPMRSM


  • This is working as designed in Classic PPM. When replacing a role that is allocated at over 100%, the role replace is not going to overallocate the resource, as a role cannot be replaced with a resource at more than 100% allocation at a single time.
  • For example:
    • If we have a DBA allocated at 133% with the ETC hours matching their allocation, when we replace the DBA with a resource, only 100% of both the Allocation and ETC hours are going to be transferred from the role to the resource.
    • The remaining 33% of the Allocation and ETC hours would remain on the role. 


To get all of the Allocation and ETC hours to get transferred over from the role to the resource:
Option 1: Replace the role at the assignment level first.
  1. This can be done for all of the assignments at once from the Task tab - Assignments page.
  2. Check the role assignments you want to replace, and click the Replace button
    • When replacing a role on the the Task Assignments page, this will transfer all of the ETC from the role to the resource. 

     3. The resource will automatically be added to the team with the default allocation that you have set on the Team object. 
     4. To get the allocation to match the ETC on the Team tab, 'Allocate from Estimates' from estimates would need to be run from the Actions menu.
     5. After this, the only way to remove the DBA role from the team, would be to manually delete it (the DBA now has 0 ETC and 0 Allocation on the team)
     6. Note: If the resource is not already on the team, the Assignment Pool setting on the project would need to be set to Resource Pool to make resource that are not yet on the project team available to select as a resource to do the replacement. 
Option 2: Replace the role in the New User Experience
This can be done either via the Staff tab of the project or the Staffing Requests portlet, the below example is using the Requests portlet:
  1. Go to the Staffing Section in the New UX.
  2. Search for the role in the Requests search section (IE DBA)
  3. Expand the role in the search results and click on the project you want to do the role replace for
  4. The role replace fly out window appears

     5. Leave the allocation/dates as is to replace all the allocation and ETC 
     Or, if you only want the resource to replace a portion of the allocation, change the Allocation % to the desired amount
     6. Select the resource you want to replace the role with in the 'Allocate To' field
     7. Click the 'Confirm Allocation' button

Additional Information

See KB000008639 for another reason why allocation would remain after a role replace.