SDM: Cannot save a Change Order when listed assignee is inactive
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SDM: Cannot save a Change Order when listed assignee is inactive


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A scenario may arise when an employee leaves the company and there are Change Orders listed for the given employee that are not allowing a status change of Closed.


Component: USRD


The given assignee field was set to locked at the behest of the Change Managers, but given that the associated contact was rendered Inactive, when the CO is updated, the assignee field gets blanked out as the user is not a valid assignee, but causes the CO to not save as a result of the contradiction between an assignee field that is carrying an inactive contact and the field requiring a valid entry per the CO status.

One can access the given status entries in the Change Order (Administration tab, Service Desk -> Change Orders -> Status) and under the statuses, there is a setting for Change Order Dependent Attribute Control.  This will likely have the Assignee field or one of the contact fields listed and its presence as set to "Locked" and "Required" can prevent the CO from saving while this status is in play.  In the case of the Assignee field, this field would blank out as it no longer has a valid contact (contact is inactive) but will refuse to save per the above settings.

Approaches to address the situation:

- For the immediate: go through all CO's that need to be "closed" which name a non-active contact as assignee, render the contacts as "active", close the CO's, then render the contacts as "inactive".

- For future possible scenarios: have CO maintenance part of the off-boarding process. Go through all CO's assigned to the given contact, reassign or close them, then inactivate the contact.