AUT004 abend after VMSCHED comes up trying to run scheduled requests


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CA VM:Schedule


I have a task that was scheduled to run, but it appears to cause VMSCHED to abend. Now, when I try to restart VMSCHED, the task starts immediately and abends on startup. I tried starting with the SUSPEND option but task still runs.
VM:Schedule is abending with an AUT004.


Release: 2.0
Component: VMD


User error/oversight.
Customer found that some users sent their EXECs over to VMSCHED when they should have sent them to VM:Batch instead.... and the EXECs detached the B, for VMSCHED, the B disk was the 1B0 which is the database where all the requests reside.

VMSCHED's database disk/1B0 getting detached is what caused the AUT abend.