Not able to create 2E SQL file
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Not able to create 2E SQL file


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Trying to create SQL file and not able to create. Version : 8.7 and no recent changes in environment.   Attempting to create an SQL instead of a DDS type file in 2E,   This is the first attempt to generate an SQL file. 

Created a new file in the 2E relations and changed the settings to S-SQL instead of the default D-DDS.  Submitted it for generation (option J in front of the Physical, Retrieval and Update index) the source generation finishes normally however the status remain as *JOBQ.  No error logs are created in the spool file and no file is created in the GEN library.

Are there are additional settings that need to change?  


AS/400  iSeries


In looking at the SQL source generated (CREATE TABLE *NONE.CB07CPP ), the *NONE should be your sqllib. The CB07CPP is your sqlfile and is the SQL table name.  Make sure there is a valid SQL library by checking DSPDTAARA DTAARA(YSQLLIBRFA).  This should be a valid library created by YCRTSQLLIB.   If it shows *NONE,  one has not been created using YCRTSQLLIB. This SQL library should then be in the model's library list, and the batch JOBD library list as well.