CA-Vantage conversion from SMTP to CSSMTP
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CA-Vantage conversion from SMTP to CSSMTP


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The z/OS mail client facility, SMTP, will be discontinued during the z/OS 2.3 upgrades for each of the LPARs. IBM made z/OS 2.2 the last OS version to support SMTP (U.S. Announcement Letter 114-009) and provided the new mail client, CSSMTP, to continue the mail client function for z/OS. The new IBM z/OS mail client, CSSMTP, has been installed and tested on every LPAR and is ready to continue to support mainframe email requirements. Does Vantage use SMTP? If yes, how do I convert it to CSMTP? 


Release: SMV3EN00200-14.0-Graphical Management Interface


Vantage host can send emails using 2 different interfaces:
1) Using spool interface
2) Using SMTP server This is controlled by VKGPARMS parameter SMTPHOST. The question from customer is related only to the first option. IBM changed the spool interface, removed the old one in z/OS 2.2 forever. Vantage host was tested and verified that the first option works with the newer spool interface.
The customer can still use the SMTP interface for sending emails. There is no need to switch to the spool interface CSSMPTP just because of the change of the spool interface. However, if he decides to do so, he can switch to the spool interface and Vantage supports that. regards, Ivo