Department OBS Is Blank in Cost Plan Detail of New UX
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Department OBS Is Blank in Cost Plan Detail of New UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In New User Experience when we open up the Financial Plan associated to a project the Department OBS column is Blank. If we access the same Cost Plan in Classic UI we don't see any issues and the department is populated correctly for the resource. 

This creates a lot of confusion for PM's who are using the New User Experience thinking that the Department is not set-up properly for few resources.




This is related to the total number of Departments associated with the Entity. New User Experience uses an internal NSQL query to fetch and populate the Department OBS column on Cost Plan details. By default we have a governor limit of 50000 rows which any NSQL query can fetch. If your departments exceed the amount of 50000 we would see this issue in New User Experience.


1. Login to Clarity PPM Application server.
2. Navigate to $NIKU_HOME/config and edit file.
3. Modify the value under row named "Maximum row limit for Objects and NSQL Portlets" from 50000 to the Max count of your departments.

Note: This setting applies to all the NSQL portlets and Object based Portlets in the system and will cause a performance impact to the system if increased in-appropriately. 

More Information can be found at How to Set Governor Limits in 15.6. For 15.6.1, see also: Increasing Max XML Nodes (Or Other Governor Limit) in 15.6.1 and higher

Additional Information

See also: Governor Settings (Maximum Data Limits)


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