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Hard reserve on DASD-volume after install of SO04411, SO04412 and SO05619 on OPS/MVS 13.5


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


After installing PTF SO06939 and all required prereqs on OPS/MVS 13.5 the system reserves a DASD-volume (on het installation system) which is also available on production.
After a stop of OPSMAIN on the installation-system the volume is free again and the production is running fine.
Installing SO04411, SO04412, SO05619 introduces the problem again.

With regard to document KB000117310 concerning SO05619:
           CCS is at level 14.1 in production and tested with both level 14.1 (the same as production) and level 15.0 on the installation system, both without CFGBE10 installed.


Component: OPSMVS


For CCS 14.1 the PTF implementing CFGBE10 (RO92374) needs to be installed, or install CCS 15.0..
It is also possible to set in CA OPS the parameter INITADMINUI to NO, if MTC-A is not being used.
If using MTC-A the CCS fmids need to be installed and also some additional ptfs for CA OPS 13.5..