Unable to open dashboard in cabi portlet


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


After deploying cabi 3.20 to CABI server, cabi portlet does not show the dashboard when select Unified Dashboard > CA Business Intelligence Dashboard >Summary Dashboard from USM, found below information:

'No dashboard found with path' 

Open Operator Console from USM Actions dropdown menu and Select Reports from the toolbar, found the error:

'No Data is accessible'

Navigate to CABI home: http://cabi_ip:http_port/cabijs from USM, and select View > Repository, expand Public > ca > UIM > dashboards, found only mcs folders.



The cabi probe appears to be installed successfully:

Apr 03 09:43:49:165 [main, cabi] cabi installed successfully.

However, not all resources in required packages are loaded into the repository, cbi_install_archive

Apr 03 09:44:23:086 [com.ca.cabi4uim.DirWatcherServicePool-1-thread-1, cabi] failed to send alarm: D, severity=0, message==Successfully uploaded uim_mcs_dashboards.zip to cabi Server at, subsystem=1.1, suppressionid=uim_mcs_dashboards.zip, source=null

and the cabi_install_archive file ended with errors.



UIM/UMP 9.02
CABI probe 3.32


Redeploy other packages required by cabi probe, the entire list is available at:

CA Business Intelligence with CA UIM

Deploy all required package (CABI Packages) and all Report Packages to CABI robot:

You shall see the log entry:

Apr 04 06:19:08:511 [com.ca.cabi4uim.DirWatcherServicePool-1-thread-1, cabi] successfully uploaded file=C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\content\upload\uim_core_dashboards.zip
Apr 04 06:38:26:586 [com.ca.cabi4uim.DirWatcherServicePool-1-thread-1, cabi] successfully uploaded file=C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\content\upload\uim_cabi_health_reports.zip
Apr 04 15:03:56:143 [com.ca.cabi4uim.DirWatcherServicePool-1-thread-1, cabi] successfully uploaded file=C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\content\upload\uim_unified_reporter.zip

Then go on to add other Monitoring Dashboard Packages to CABI robot. Restart cabi probe , Open a new session to UIM portal and you shall see all expected dashboard and reports.