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Projects that have been converted from ideas error out when we try to update them by XOG with errors like INV-0021 or INV-0022


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps to reproduce:
1. Create an idea in PPM
2. Convert the idea to a project
3. XOG the project out.
4. Using the same output XOG the project in

Expected Results: Project is XOGed successfully
Actual Results: project XOG fails with errors like:
    INV-0021: Planned Cost Finish date is earlier than Planned Cost Start date 
    INV-0022: Planned Benefit Finish date is earlier than Planned Benefit Start date


Component: PPMSTU


XOG does have a validation rule to check that Finish Dates are higher than Start Dates. If both Start and Finish Dates are the same (day and time stamp), the validation rule is violated.


1. Go to Administration > Studio > Objects
2. Edit the Idea object and go to the Attributes list
3. Edit the following attributes: Planned Benefit Start, Planned Benefit Finish, Planned Cost Start and Planned Cost Finish
4. Set the Default Dates to Rolling Date Today or any other default wanted. 
Do not use Current Date and Time (as this sets both attributes start and finish to the same date stamp)