Clarity PPM: Jaspersoft Report Program Milestone Dependencies not Returning Data


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A program and dependencies between tasks of the subprojects is already set up.

When running the report, no results are returned: "No matching records were found"


Per documentation, the program requires 2 prerequisites:

1. The program must have at least one milestone with a dependency to a milestone in a separate project to display in the report.

2. For the program summary section, the program must have budgeted or planned cost that is entered on the financial summary of the program. If the program has a detailed budget or cost plan, then the approved budget amount or cost plan amount for the plan of record displays based on the financial plan type parameter that is selected when running the report.


Set a milestone task on the program itself and create a task dependency on it. The task dependency must be a task of a separate investment. 

Once that is done, immediately run the report. The report query runs directly on the Clarity schema so there is no need to run the Load Data Warehouse job for this update to be reflected on the report.