CA Easytrieve: Run ASM64OPT or copy EZTPOPT?
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CA Easytrieve: Run ASM64OPT or copy EZTPOPT?


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


After upgrading to release 11.6 and running in compatibility mode, in order to have the same values for the option file as release 6.4, is it recommended to run the ASM64OPT job located in the CBAAJCL library or copy the EZTPOPT module from prior release 6.4?


CA Easytrieve release 11.6 in compatibility mode


When running in compatibility mode, EZTPOPT module is the option file which is used.
Recommendation is:
1. Copy the EZTPOPT module from release 6.4 in order to then have the exact same values under compatibility mode.
2. Run ASM64OPT any time as needed to change one or more of the values in the EZTPOPT module.