Rally - On-premises: Last Snapshot Failed
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Rally - On-premises: Last Snapshot Failed


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


This article maintains a list of the currently known snapshot errors that can be shown in the dashboard as well as their recommended fixes.


Release: 2.0+
Component: ACPREM


Backup errors have been found to be caused by multiple issues including

  • Insufficient disk space on destination
  • Backup service not running
  • Invalid keys


Insufficient disk space 

If there is insufficient disk space in the destination, the following error is shown:

backup strategy "": 1 error occurred: * send snapshot volume "repld999ede1_oracle-backup" request to uu3zsh2qs3ajkk6oxasfoa0rx: snapshot volume: snapshot failed with exit code 255

To resolve this, increase the disk space available on the target backup server or reduce the number of snapshots being maintained in the dashboard.


Backup service not running

If the backup service has failed, then the following error is shown:

backup strategy "": get server init: wait for server: make https request: Get https://replicated_replicated:9878/v1/ping: dial tcp connect: connection refused

To resolve this, restart the server.

Invalid Keys

The snapshot service requires a valid key pair in order to authenticate to the SFTP server.  The keys must be generated on the Rally services VM, uploaded to the SFTP server and the correct PEM file must be copied into the dashboard of the services VM.  Step by step instructions can be found here: https://ca-broadcom.wolkenservicedesk.com/external/article?articleId=130245