Missing information in ArchiveBrowser Reports
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Missing information in ArchiveBrowser Reports


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Archive Browser is parsing Archives incorrectly. The start of the report are truncated as follows:

The first 24 characters are missing in the archive browser display window! Example here for one entry
07000 'KVAI.JOBS.BAR_ABZUG_ZIEL_SICHERN' wurde mit RunID '0001271185' aktiviert. 2017.08.23 13:45:36;U00011506 Workflow 'KVAI.JOBP.B
If you look directly into the archive file the line is completely present!  Extracts from AH and RH Tables are concerned.

Please note the archive files is completed (the missing first 24 characters in the archive browser display) are visible in the file.


Component: AAUTEN


This is not a extraction problem, as all entries are visible in the raw extraction file. This is actually not a One Automation issue.

The problem is due to file transfer between Unix and Windows hosts, since Archive Browser is a pure Windows application.

The archive files were transfer in ASCII mode. The conversion the LF to CR/LF causes the index files of archive extract to become unreadable.


Ensure that the file transfer is performed in binary mode to preserve the original format of the generated files.