How to load CA Librarian program source code listing to the CA Intertest batch PROTSYM file?
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How to load CA Librarian program source code listing to the CA Intertest batch PROTSYM file?


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InterTest - CICS InterTest - Batch


The client is using CA Intertest batch to debug their COBOL program. The client COBOL source code listings are stored in librarian. How can the client copy a librarian listing to the PROTSYM file?




Use program IN25SYMD to load symbolic information from multiple COBOL, Assembler, C, or PL/I listings into your PROTSYM in a single run.The JCL is located in PDS CAVHJCL(IN25SYMD)    

The following describes the DD statements used by IN25SYMD: 

DDname              Description 

STEPLIB The load library containing IN25SYMD. 

PROTSYM            The file to which the symbolic information is written. 

LISTLIB  The data set name of the PDS, PDSE, CA Librarian library, CA Panvalet library, or CA Endevor SCM library containing the listings to be added. 

REPORT An execution summary is written to this file. 

OPTIN   The input control statements that define the request. 

If loading symbolic information from CA Endevor SCM, the CA Endevor SCM AUTHLIB and CONLIB must be either in LINKLIST or in the STEPLIB concatenation. When loading symbolic information from CA Librarian or CA Panvalet, the CA Librarian or CA Panvalet CAILIB must be either in Linklist or in the STEPLIB concatenation.




Identifies the library type of the listing library specified by the LISTLIB DD statement. This keyword is required. Valid values are: 

PDS -- Partitioned data set (including PDSE)

SEQ -- Sequential data set (see Note)

LIB -- CA Librarian library

PAN -- CA Panvalet library

NDV -- CA Endevor SCM library 

FROM   Identifies the member name for single listings, the starting member name for a range of members, or a name prefix with trailing asterisk. This keyword is required.

TO          Identifies the last member name in a range of members.


Identifies the message reporting level. Valid values are: 

ALL -- displays all messages.

RC -- displays a one-line return code message for each program.

NONE -- suppresses all messages. 

All of the programs with the prefix PAY are loaded into the PROTSYM file from a CA Librarian library, with all of the messages displayed in the REPORT file. 

//STEP1    EXEC PGM=IN25SYMD,REGION=4M                                

//STEPLIB  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=CAI.CAVHLOAD                       

//PROTSYM  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=USER.PROTSYM                      


//REPORT   DD SYSOUT=*                                                

//OPTIN    DD *