Spectrum OneClick Console hang condition when selecting device
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Spectrum OneClick Console hang condition when selecting device


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Selecting a device via Toplogy view it appears the OC-Console can "hang" for a few minutes.  After some time the OC-Console recovers and operation returns to normal. It appears the "hang condition" is related to DX Spectrum background actions when selecting a device. This is especially noticeable when the Interfaces tab is selected. 


This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms when running CA Spectrum R10.3.0 and R10.3.1


When selecting a device model Information or Interfaces tab, Spectrum starts to poll the RFC1213 IPRouteTable ( to complete Subview information from the device.

On specific devices, the data received from the IPRoute table could be tremendously large so the SNMP read will take "very long" causing the "hang condition". 


Initial solution was addressed for CA Spectrum R10.3.0 - when then upgraded to R10.3.1. 
This is documented at section: "OneClick Known Anomalies" from https://docops.ca.com/ca-spectrum/10-3-0/en/release-information/known-anomalies
Related first TecDoc for this is: https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article?articleId=125304

The workaround via edit to the CA Spectrum Oneclick-server configuration files (XML file update) is working for CA Spectrum R10.3.1 too.
However in R10.3.1 the issue was not fully resolved - and full solution is listed as:

DE407747 Details:
  Symptom : Information Tab doesn't display any information with Spectrum 10.3.1. The Information Tab stays empty blank for ever for  Cisco ASR routers which is having large IPRouteTable. 
  Resolution: In View-devicedetails-config.xml there is check to display entry from which table based on ipRouteDest list attribute (0x100b1) . Since we are waiting to finish reading the attribute 0x100b1. 
  (DE407747, 01311776)

The fix is now available within patches: 

10.03.01.PTF_10.3.110  for  CA Spectrum R10.3.1 + BMP_101 base install.


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