Problems with diacritics


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


For example; ooöéeèü
After saving or existing shows: oo??e??

Some projectjes have a diacritic character in their folder or filename, so they can't checkout or in the file or folder anymore. For the folder we've got a workaround; checkout individual the underlaying files. Or a more drastic one; rename the files/folders if it got a diacritic.

Our database is using the we8iso8859p15 encoding. The encoding in the Workbench is set to "file.encoding=Cp1252". 

We believe we need to change something on the server to fix this issue, but  where ?


Harvest 13.03 on Windows 2016
Oracle 12.2 on Windows


Found a document in Oracle Docs;
After getting the information from the database, on Windows 2016 we needed to set the NLS_LANG to "DUTCH_THE NETHERLANDS.WE8ISO8859P15".
After a reboot, everything is working again as expected.