Cabi page is blank in UMP


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The CABI portlet is blank and not loading after installing cabi probe when it is accessed via the Unified Dashboards menu or via UMP page.
The Operator Console displays the error 'System component missing CA Business Intelligence (CABI) system component is needed' when selecting the home button in the toolbar.
The CABI URL field in the Preference of CABI portlet is empty.

Error in the wasp log (UMP):

Apr 03 10:33:19:724 ERROR [http-bio-80-exec-10,] Unable to initialize cabi probe client: Unable to communicate with any of the possible cabi probes: cabi,cabi_external


The key cabi has been added to the raw config of wasp probe on UMP server in the form /domain/hub/robot/Cabi


CABI 3.20, 3.32, 3.40
UIM 8.51, 9.02, 9.04


Change 'Cabi' to 'cabi' in the wasp raw config and restart the wasp probe on UMP server.