Can CA ITSM Maileater access MS Office 365 "shared mailbox"?
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Can CA ITSM Maileater access MS Office 365 "shared mailbox"?


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Can CA ITSM maileater access a Microsoft Office "shared mailbox?"

To improve our security and management of the various mailboxes which maileater connects to, we desire to have a single secure account that then has full access to the other shared mailboxes.

My understanding of connecting using IMAP to a shared mailbox is that I should be able to specify within the username, both the username and the shared mailbox as follows

user: [email protected]
pass: bob123
shared mailbox 1: [email protected]
shared mailbox 2: [email protected]

I should then be able to create two mailboxes in CASD, with usernames as follows:
user: [email protected][email protected]
pass: bob123
user: [email protected][email protected]
pass: bob123

The accounts are in Office 365.

I tried this and receive an authentication failure.
Is this something that maileater supports?


ITSM 17.x and MS Office 365 with shared mailbox.


No. Microsoft Office 365 Shared mailboxes are not supported.

The Shared mailboxes will not work with the Java maileater shipped in 17.x.  This has not been tested or certified. 

We cannot give a guarantee as whether this would work as the Shared mailbox doesn't have a username and password. It also requires the Javamail property (Our new Java Maileater uses javamail internally) to have NTLM and plain authentication to be disabled in code while connecting to server.