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[ARA] Rest API error when creating new user with existing on client 0


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Calling the method http://araserver:80/ara/api/data/v1/users
  • There will be no error creating a new user. 
  • But if the user already exists in Client 0 but not in ARA, and we want to add him to ARA a failures pops out. 
"code": 110003, 
"error": "ARA user #133117 has been created. However, there was an error while synchronizing user information to Automation engine.", 
"details": "You don't have the necessary rights to edit TESTJUAN/DE." 
  • We tested with other clients (diff from 0) and there is no issue. 




Release: 9, 10
Component: ARLSMG


The error with creating user is fixed in the following release versions:

  • Release.Manager 9.0.3 - Available
  • Release.Manager 10.0.0 - Available