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CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


When the OPSLOG reaches the 2 Gigabyte limit (BROWSECHECKNUM), the OPSLOG stops recording and users may seethe message: OPS3781S ABEND X'000C3000' occurred at OPINBO.  When user attempts to get into OPSLOG they may receive the following error: 'Checkpoint processing suspended'.  This abend happens if the message number reached the maximum of 2 gig (X'7FFFFFFF' or decimal 2147483647). You can check the BROWSECHECKNUM parameter in OPSVIEW 4.1.1 to see the current value of the message number, 

Message OPS3781S ABEND x'000C3000' in OPINBO.   When attempting to view the OPSLOG I receive error, "Checkpoint processing suspended"  because the BROWSECHECKNUM has reached its 2 Gigabyte limit.  How do we resolve this?


OPS/MVS all releases


There are two options:   

I.  The administrator can reallocate a new OPSLOG DIV dataset in order to restart the numbering, and then cycle OPS to pick it up. A number greater than x'7FFFFFFF' (decimal - 2147483647) can not be recorded in OPSLOG, so you must allocate a new OPSLOG DIV dataset to restart the message numbering scheme. Look for the DEFDIV member in your hlq.CCLXCNTL dataset. Read the documented steps in the information header and review the statements of the member.  It is the REXX program that you need to edit and run.

  1. Execute this REXX program in your TSO foreground via the EXECUTE command: EXEC 'hlq.CCLXCNTL(DEFDIV)'
  2. Verify the Return Codes for each requested allocation are zero.  
  3. Recycle OPS to pick up the change in OPSLOGs.

II.   Follow the Best Practices recommendation to utilize multiple OPSLOG support where you can define multiple OPSLOGs when OPS starts up. Then we provide a sample rule: CCLXSAMP(OPS3445O)..that will monitor the current OPSLOG and automatically 'hot-swap' to another OPSLOG when it approaches a preset threshold of the 2 gig limit.