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Brightside test connection to Z/OSMF failed with Keytar not Installed error


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We installed CA Brightside Enterprise edition 2.0 However, I am unable to test connection to Z/OSMF.

How to fix the following error ? 

C:\Users\vxh2662>bright zosmf check status 
Command Preparation Failed: 
Unable to load the secure field "user" associated with the profile "zosmfqasbr3" of type "zosmf". 
Error Details: 
Keytar not Installed 



Release: BRTENP00200-2.0-Brightside-Enterprise-MIPS


Site installed Brightside EE 2.0 via Local package method.  Only Brightside CLI core is installed,  none of CA Brightside CLI plug-ins is installed.  In order to use Keytar, site needs to install CA Brightside Plug-in for Secure Credential Store.

Run the following command to list/validate the plugin: 
bright plugins list 
bright plugins validate 

If Secure Credential Store plugin is installed but not in the bright plugins list, or failed with validation. 
Perform the following steps:
uninstall the Secure Credential Store plugin 
reinstall the Secure Credential Store plugin 

If zosmf-profile was created before the Secure Credential Store plugin installation, recreate the zosmf-profile (update won't work) before issue the "bright zosmf check status" command.