Unexpected alarms received from passive node of the cluster


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Receiving alarms from monitored shared resources from probes like ntservices and cdm on the passive node of a cluster when the cluster probe is used to manage these profiles to make sure that they are only active on the active node of the cluster.


The robots on the nodes in the clusters managed by the cluster probe were also included in monitoring groups in the UMP USM portlet where profiles for the shared resources were configured.  When the mon_config_service probe detected that the profile was missing/changed on the passive node of the cluster, it automatically pushed out the profile for the shared resource that had moved to the active node of the cluster by the cluster probe.  Since the shared resource is no longer available on the passive node, the probe starts generating alarms.


UIM Server - Any releasee
All supported versions of the cluster, ntserices, and cdm probes


Monitoring profiles for shared resources that are managed by the cluster probe on the robots of the cluster cannot be created in the UMP USM portlet for monitoring groups that contain the robots that are members of clusters where the cluster probe is deployed and configured to manage the profiles for the shared resources.