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Install PIM 12.81 in Custom location using RPM


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


This document is in continuation of article  KB000044992

In this Technical Document, the procedure for deploying CA PIM endpoint to a custom location is being shared, this document is not covering how to  provide is different /tmp location as this has been covered by the above document.

One more pre-condition in here is that install_base is not to be used, the customization is to be done using the  Native installation package.

How can CA PIM R12.8 SP1 endpoint be deployed in a custom directory using the Native Installer.
In this document RHEL - 64 bit OS has been used for deployment purpose.


This can be performed in a TEST / PRE-PROD or PRODUCTION environment
CA PIM Endpoint R12.8 SP1


To achieve the CA PIM R12.8 SP1 deployment is a custom directory,  follow the steps below.

--------- STEP A -----------

- Download the RPM installer from the support portal.
- Extract the files in a safe location.

--------- STEP B -----------
- Edit the customize_eac_rpm script, which looks as below
installdir -- This is the desired location's base directory.

curr_prod -- This is the name the current installation we be caputed, the end resutl would be /opt/seos, this is required when performing the installation for the first time.

prev_prod -- This is the desired location where the installation is required, the end result will be /opt/seos, this is required when upgradeing the existing installation. This reflects the currently installed location.

PrevPrefix=" "

--------- STEP C -----------
- Add the License Agreement keyword in the package
#./customize_eac_rpm -w Proceed -d ./ CAeAC-1281-1.0.3339.x86_64.rpm

--------- STEP D -----------
- Set the install prefix
# ./customize_eac_rpm -u /opt -d ./ CAeAC-1281-1.0.3339.x86_64.rpm

--------- STEP E -----------
- Extract the parameters file, to make sure the parameters file has SEOSDIR=/opt/seos, this parameter will be last in the extracted parameters file.
# ./customize_eac_rpm -g -f tmp_param -d ./ CAeAC-1281-1.0.3339.x86_64.rpm

--------- STEP F -----------
- Repackage the RPM with any other changes as required in the parameters file
# ./customize_eac_rpm -s -f tmp_param -d ./ CAeAC-1281-1.0.3339.x86_64.rpm

--------- STEP G -----------
- Finally install the RPM
# rpm -Uvh CAeAC-1281-1.0.3339.x86_64.rpm
Above is a better options of 'rpm' as prescribed above even if installing CA PIM endpoint for the first time

- Verify the installation location after the setup is completed, wait for the RPM installer to complete.

--------- STEP H -----------
- Output of issec command
# ./issec
CA ControlMinder version 12.8 installed in /opt/seos
VeRsIoN: 12.81-0 (3339) Compiled On:Nov 30 2018 02:35:21 Kernel: 3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64-RH71 _LINUX70-3100-229-42-RHELX86_64.X86_64 STOP 30034
CA ControlMinder kernel extension is loaded.
CA ControlMinder security daemon is running, pid=8661 (security)
CA ControlMinder watchdog daemon is running, pid=8693 (watchdog)
CA ControlMinder agent daemon is running, pid=8663 (agent)
CA ControlMinder serevu daemon is not running.
CA ControlMinder selogrd daemon is not running.
CA ControlMinder selogrcd daemon is not running.
CA ControlMinder eacws daemon is not running.
CA ControlMinder ReportAgent daemon is not running.
CA ControlMinder AgentManager daemon is not running.
CA ControlMinder policyfetcher daemon is running, pid=8731 (policyfetcher )
CA ControlMinder KBLAudMgr daemon is not running.
CA ControlMinder auxiliary daemon is not running. See case notes for the detailed installation using native installer.