Discovering a CCA Custom Blueprint with an OOTB Blueprint does not work


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When attempting to discovery an out of the box blueprint, most likely the OS blueprint, along with a custom blueprint, the discovery is unable to discovery both blueprints.  However, discovering them alone results in successful completion of a discovered component


Component: CAACM


The reason for the custom component not being discovered in combination with OOTB Blueprint (any BP which has Search From as /) is due to Search Depth value
In general when there are combination of Blueprints with some Blueprints having Search From as / and some having a path not root (ex: /usr/share/test/123/ or /usr/share/test or /usr/bin the max of Search From during discovery is determined to be / as it becomes the superset 

Similarly Max Search Depth value will be determined from a Blueprint which has the highest value.
For the OOTB OS BP the value is 3, while a customer blueprint can have (ex: depth from root = 2 (not number of directories in search path)), hence the Max Search Depth is 3. However this Max Search Depth value is not sufficient due to the fact that the customer BP has a Search From value as /usr/share/test/123 which should ideally be valued for Search Depth.
The Search Depth value of this relative path is 5, therefore the Search depth value to be given in the customer blueprint is 4 + 2 which is 6

It would be difficult for a Discovery operation to calculate maximum Search Depth for a bunch of Blueprints based on their different relative Search From values. It is the onus of Blueprint developer to identify the appropriate Search Depth for the custom blueprint.

When running the combined blueprints in a single management profile discovery, the time can significantly increase.
Discovering them individually make take a few seconds wheres grouping them together can result in a few minutes, all due to the search path \ search depth
In a situation where the ideal Search Depth identification is a time consuming task, then the recommendation is to create a Service with all the custom BPs of Similar Search From grouped under one Management Profile and discover them. This would solve the problem without much effort.