How to implement https and change the port for CCA Server
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How to implement https and change the port for CCA Server


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By default, when CCA Server is installed, it listens on port 8080 on HTTP.

How to enable HTTPS on CCA Server and change the port it listens on


Component: CAACM


The first thing to do is to enable HTTPS on the CCA Server by creating the Certificates.  This part of the documentation describes how:

Once that is configured, CCA Server will listen on port 8080, but now with HTTPS.  If you attempt to go to port 8080 with HTTP, you will receive a plain blank white screen

Optionally, to change the port CCA Server listens on:

  1. Navigate to the CCA Server install directory
  2. Proceed into tomcat / conf folder
  3. Backup server.xml file
  4. Open server.xml file for modification
  5. Find:

    <Connector port="

    Note: There can be a few different entries, find the one without the line being commentted out, as indicated by <~-- in the beginning of the statement
    Note: If you cannot find the above syntax, then search for <Connector by itself, this will present more findings, just continue to locate one uncommented out and that contains port somewhere in the xml tag
  6. Modify the port="8080" to "8443" or whatever port of your choosing
  7. Save and Close the file
  8. Restart CCA Service

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