Jobs Abort due to "Error creating temp environment script"
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Jobs Abort due to "Error creating temp environment script"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Randomly, some Jobs abort in Windows nodes with the following error message in Job Log:

Error: cannot open file C:\AUTOMIC\DUAS\COMPANY_NODE\temp\unibatchenv_XUPROCNUMBER.bat for writing.
Error creating temp environment script: o_create_batch_env_script returns 1
Cannot load environment
The syntax of the command is incorrect.


Nevertheless, when checking the file in the temp folder, we don't see any permission issue.
If we rename the impacted file or delete it and rerun the Job, it runs fine.


Issue only observed on Windows


Previously created environment files with the same Uproc Number had not been removed from the %U_TMP_PATH% as expected.


Recreate the %U_TMP_PATH% folder so that old temporary files from "Could not Submit" Aborted Jobs are removed.
This operation needs to be done when no Jobs are running.

The safest procedure would be:
1. Cancel all Running Jobs or wait until they have finished
2. Stop node: unistop
3. Either Delete / Recreate the %U_TMP_PATH% folder ( by default is is the subfolder temp of the root folder of the Dollar Universe node)  or delete all the files inside the folder.
4. Launch a reorganization: unireorg
5. Start the node: unistart