SOLVE - Missing last line of multi-line message
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SOLVE - Missing last line of multi-line message


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SOLVE:Operations Automation SOLVE:Access Session Management SOLVE:FTS SOLVE


Solve normally receives 4 messages relating to a file transfer. In this case it only receives 3, and is missing the last one SVTM052I COMPLETED 00000000/SCPA000I .


Component: SOPMVS


To make all the minor lines available for processing the message has to be “released” by the screening table.
When a multi-line message is released it is held until all the minor lines are collected and they are all delivered to SOLVE together. 
If the wait period expires before the last line(s) of the message arrive then they will not be available to SOLVE.
There is a SYSPARM that can be manipulated to change the Multi Line timeout.
It is AOMMLTO and the default is 5 seconds. Increase it to 10 by issuing command SYSPARMS AOMMLTO=10 to hopefully avoid problems with any delay.