XOG Resources returns XOG-9101 error
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XOG Resources returns XOG-9101 error


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When I attempt to run a Read XOG for resources I get the following error for 2270 records, XOG-9101: Document Location not specified, attachments not exported". Is anyone able to provide information on this or help troubleshoot why this would return for a large amount of the data?


Warning you see is indicating that no document locations had been specified to retrieve attachments to and if you are not after retrieving document from Clarity this warning can be ignored. If you are trying to XOG out documents It needs to be a valid path on the PPM *server* to read/write to, that it uses as an import and export location for documents from the filestore where appropriate. For SaaS customers it would be more applicable to use the path to the customer's SFTP folder for that environment - every system and environment from SaaS has its own.