Multiple SOI UIM Connector Instances


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Hello We have a distributed installation of SOI 4.2 on Five different servers Application server UI Server MQ Server Connector Server DB Server on the Connectors Server we have Already installed a connector to NIMSOFT environment We have Another a separate NIMSOFT environment on the same network in a separate NIMSOFT domain We want to install an additional connector to the separate NIMSOFT environment What is the best way to do so?

In order to be able to integrate multiple UIM servers into SOI what is the best practice to install multiple UIM connectors


catalystContainer version 3.4.2
uim_connector 3.9.3
soi 4.2


The best practice to install multiple UIM connectors for multiple UIM servers is to install Catalyst Containers on separate servers and install a UIM connector for each UIM server in this respective catalyst containers. In the current version of the UIM connector is does not allow multiple instances on the same connector server.