CA1 CBR3620I and CBR3621I
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CA1 CBR3620I and CBR3621I


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When OAM is started, the following messages are received:

CBR3620I   Entry of volume volser into library library-name failed.

CBR3621I   Enter request ignored by the cartridge entry installation exit (CBRUXENT).

How this problem can be solved ?


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When the tape volumes are inserted in the IBM robot,  CBRUXENT is called by OAM .
If the volume is not defined to the TMC file and CRBUXENT does't allow to insert the foreign tapes we get these messages. 

If the volume is a foreign volume, CBRUXENT can be modified to allow the INSERT of foreign tapes: 
In the branch table after label ASKCA  the following change should be done: 

B RC4 FOREIGN *** allow insert as privat *** 

The CBURXENT exit should be reinstalled, execute a REFRESH LLA and issue LI RESET,CBRUXENT to load the new version. 

If the foreign tapes in general should not be accepted, consider creating two versions of CBRUXENT and  just activate the version which allows insert of foreign tapes on demand for this specific action.

Somewhere OAM must have some retained information for the volume and still thinks the tapes need to be entered.
May need to look at the volcat or possibly call IBM to determine why OAM keeps trying to enter this volume.