Missing Cisco Nexus Modules after Discovery in Spectrum 10.3
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Missing Cisco Nexus Modules after Discovery in Spectrum 10.3


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


A Customer did report a potential issue as they had started to verify the CA Spectrum R10.3.1 improvement for the ChassisManager (Modules/Entity) discovery logic. 
Running a discovery for a Cisco Nexus 5672 still appears to fail to create the Modules. 


Modules that were properly modeled before for R10.3 + debug patch - do now (with R10.3.1) not appear anymore after a rediscovery. Here specifically for a Cisco Nexus 5672.
  It appears the discovery did not create appropriate module information for the device model. Per most recent feedback this correction was announced to be addressed by R10.3.1.

An important fact is, that the discovered device at SNMP agent level shows empty entAliasMappingIdentifier data.


This applies to all supported CA Spectrum R10.3.1 and higher platforms.



This is solved by CA Spectrum R10.3.1 when reconfiguration is done: 
Spectrum R10.3.1 improved discovery logic - this will require an additional parameter setting for the SpectroSERVERs  $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc config file: 


See: Spectrum 10.3.1 Issues Resolved

In addition to this - once the device is discovered and modeled in CA Spectrum verify these 2 device attributes: 
   CreateChassisModules - was initially set to "Yes" / ensure this is set to "Yes"
   EnableEntityModuleModeling - was initially set to "No" / ensure this is set to "Yes" 



You may have to modify them both to "Yes" which allows you to overrule the device MIB data related discovery logic. Once edited
    (use Component Details / Attribute tab - move them to the right and edit/update to "Yes") - this then allows us to re-trigger the discovery
    logic by right_click for the device model by running Reconfiguration / Reconfigure Model


More info around the Chassis Manager logic is part of the documentation - see here: Out-of-the-Box Certification Support