ACF2 ACFRPTLL report shows jobname as the changer rather than the actual logonid


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Why does the ACF2 ACFRPTLL report show jobname as the logonid changer rather than the actual logonid?


Component: ACF2MS


An ACF2 ACFSVC TYPE=A call invokes the database alteration SVC. This SVC validates resources and system access and performs CA ACF2 database maintenance. This SVC has an APF-authorized Supercall facility. This type of call to update the logonid database is internal to ACF2 which is different from the TSO ACF command processor, ACFBATCH or batch TSO. 

If a SUPERCALL program executes an ACALT request to insert or change a logonid record, in the ACFRPTLL report the jobname is reflected as the changer for such system/supercall requests.